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Manx Tomkinson

Manx Tomkinson carpets - Quality wool carpets

Manx Tomkinson are a flooring manufacturer with real heritage. Previously Manx Carpets and Mr Tomkinson brands respectively, these two household names merged together in 2017 to form the combined entity Manx Tomkinson Carpets. Their union blends tradition and expertise with excellent British craftmanship, where affordable and durable flooring meets the high expectations of British homeowners.  


Wool loop and twist carpets in a variety of shades

Manx Tomkinson are now well-known for producing some of the country’s finest wool – they’re a proud licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board and offer a comprehensive range of 80/20 plain and heather wool rich twist piles, textured loop piles and easy clean polypropylene carpets all designed to provide warmth, colour and comfort to complement your home. 

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