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At Carpet and Flooring Online we have a large selection of grey wood flooring from our suppliers Parador Flooring and Panaget. Grey wood flooring comes in many varieties, from subtle and soft grey to much darker. Therefore we suggest ordering samples in your favourite shades so you can experiment with lighting and colour in your home. We recommend looking at your samples in both natural daylight, and with artificial light in the evening, so you can see the effects these different types of light have on the colour.

Softer greys can look very natural, especially in a rustic grade where there are a lot of grain and knot patterns in the wood. This type of grey wood flooring is perfect if you want to brighten up a room – the grey will create a light and airy atmosphere, which can brighten up any sized room and create a more open feel.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic, then a dark grey wood floor is requisite. We love Parador 3060 Oak Graphite, or if you're after something more subtle, opt for Parador 3060 Oak Barolo. Regardless of the wood’s grade, the dark colour will change the atmosphere of the room completely. As a décor statement, this would work best with a pale-coloured interior, as it will add warmth and character to your room and create a beautiful contrast of light and dark.

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