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We know that there is no better feeling than the soft touch of a new carpet. However, that isn’t the only reason why we love wool carpet at Carpet and Flooring Online. Wool is the perfect combination of warmth and durability, making it a truly luxurious option for your home.   


 But wool carpet goes even further than luxury and comfort. Wool is an extremely effective insulator, meaning it can reduce heat loss, noise, and energy bills. What does this mean for you? You will have a quality carpet that will bring many years of happiness and save you money!   

A wool carpet is also one of the safest flooring options you can have in your home. Wool is naturally fire-resistant; it’s a self-extinguishing material and does not melt like synthetic fibres, meaning it also doesn’t emit toxic fumes.  

Additionally, wool carpets are safe for the environment. If finding a sustainable floor is important to you, then a wool carpet is the answer. Wool is one of the eco-friendliest fibres in the world, being 100% renewable and causing minimal environmental impact through its production process. So you can have peace of mind that your carpet is both safe and environmentally sustainable.   

At Carpet and Flooring Online, we have a stunning collection of high-quality wool carpets from a range of prominent brands, including Alternative Flooring, Penthouse Carpets, Manx Tomkinson, and Victoria Carpets. No matter what your budget or style may be, we will have something that will be perfect for your home. So come and sink your toes into a wool carpet from our beautiful collection!   
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