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Brockway Carpets Galloway

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Brockway Carpets Galloway
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    The ultimate in super chunky loop pile luxury wool carpet, Galloway is pure wool, pure style, and pure luxury.

     Crafted from the finest quality undyed, 100% wool yarn, which creates a soft and sumptuous carpet that feels cosy and luxurious underfoot.

    With three textural designs in six stylish, naturally blended colours, this versatile collection suits any interior scheme.

    Beautifully made and wonderfully warm, Galloway really is fashion for your floor! Made from a luxury 4-ply, our chunky loop carpet is bound to be a hit with you, just like it has been with so many of our other great customers.

    Whether you have moved into a new house, or you want to re-carpet your current home, you always want to have the best when it comes to buying new carpet, and rest assured that is exactly what you will get here at Brockway Carpets. It is just a matter of which one is the right one for you.

    Luckily, we have lots of different collections, including the Galloway collection, which is an extremely luxurious range in which, the only problem you will find is struggling to decide which colour is right for you, because they are all so perfect! We have the lighter end of the spectrum, with our ‘Luce Peregrine’ colour and style, and then on the opposite end we have the darker ‘Fleet Grouse’ look, which can both be found below, as well as the rest of the colours.

    Brockway Carpets has a 5-year warranty against all types of manufacturing fault and will investigate any complaint raised of this nature. There is also a 5-year guarantee against Delamination, Moth Attack and Pile Reversal on all ranges. In any of these instances, the complaint will need to be confirmed by an Independent Inspection in situ (arranged by ourselves), at which point we will offer a one-time replacement. Please be aware that after the first two years, there will be a 20% depreciation per year on the total invoice value of the carpet involved.
    100% undyed wool
    Available Sizes:
    5m width
    Tog rating:
    All areas of the home / heavy contract
    Woven polypropylene (EnvirobacTM)