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Brockway Carpets Padstow

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Brockway Carpets Padstow
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    Padstow is a carpet to compliment any neutral space, with an undyed wool loop pile carpet offering the perfect balance between function and style, this undyed wool carpet is a sound choice.

     Due to its loop pile construction, it offers a sturdy feel, making it a great option for a variety of rooms and spaces. While this type of carpet is a practical choice, you will not be compromising on softness either, the Padstow feels comforting underfoot.

    If you love the inviting textural look of a chunky loop pile carpet and are looking for a sturdy, practical choice without compromising on softness and comfort, then Padstow is the pure undyed wool carpet for you.

    With a bigger loop than Lakeland Herdwick but a tighter, more defined texture than Beachcomber, Padstow's flat, neat finish with its own special wool yarn blend gives a thick, superbly made and above all hard-wearing loop pile wool carpet.

    Available in two striking yet simplistic textural designs, we have a variety of beige and grey shades available. These colours offer a neutral feel, perfect for several different settings, while also maintaining a classy and timeless warmth. We also offer a stylish ‘tweed’ look, well suited to a home with a more rustic feel.

    Brockway Carpets has a 5-year warranty against all types of manufacturing fault and will investigate any complaint raised of this nature. There is also a 5-year guarantee against Delamination, Moth Attack and Pile Reversal on all ranges. In any of these instances, the complaint will need to be confirmed by an Independent Inspection in situ (arranged by ourselves), at which point we will offer a one-time replacement. Please be aware that after the first two years, there will be a 20% depreciation per year on the total invoice value of the carpet involved.
    100% undyed wool
    Available Sizes:
    4m or 5m widths
    Tog rating:
    All areas of the home / heavy contract
    Woven polypropylene (EnvirobacTM)