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​How to create a Modern Country Home

​How to create a Modern Country Home

1st Mar 2023

A Modern Country Interior celebrates laid back living that is classic in style and super easy to live with. If you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your home, we’ve got you covered. 

Start with a blank canvas

Starting with a blank canvas is the perfect place to begin any interior design project. Neutral walls and muted colour palettes are key to nailing this trend. You'll want to create a calming and welcoming environment that feels uncluttered and timeless.

Engineered wood flooring is ideal for a modern country interior since it will add timeless appeal as well as warmth. Opt for a more rustic, weathered plank to give the impression of a floor that has been down for years, or go for a classic parquet floor for a touch of modern sophistication. Incorporating neutral colours in spaces helps to balance colour without feeling overwhelmed by vibrancy.

Layer it up with texture

Layer different textures to add interest and depth. Vary between soft furnishings, textiles, and natural materials such as wood or wool to create unique layers of texture in any room. An even mix of incorporated fabrics offers a subtle yet luxurious country feel. Plump cushions with woolly throws, chunky knits over vintage velvet armchairs - these are just some of the possibilities! Rugs made of sisal, jute or seagrass will add a natural, organic feel to the space. Just experiment until you find the combination that best speaks to your individual style.

For a true farm house feel, opt for countryside motifs or patterns inspired by the countryside on your textiles - think woodland animals or delicate foliage.

Add classic fixtures

Exposed beams or exposed bricks can add dramatic rustic flair to any space, without overwhelming the rest of the decor. Think carefully about the fixtures and fittings and opt for more classic, timeless designs - think barn doors, heritage radiators, wall panelling and traditional brass taps. These will add interest to a more modern design scheme whilst ensuring that your space won't date.  

Incorporate reclaimed or vintage pieces

Incorporating classic furniture is the perfect way to add a timeless touch to any room. This is an excellent way to combine old-fashioned charm with a contemporary style to give your living space a unique look and feel that feels personal to you. The great thing about introducing classic items is that they provide plenty of flexibility when it comes to experimenting with design and layout as well as allowing you to add your own personality and flair. 

You can choose rustic furniture pieces that have been crafted using traditional techniques, adding an authentic and unique touch to your space. Opting for second hand items will also save you money in the long run and is a more environmentally conscious way of furnishing your home. 

Add houseplants and flowers

No country home is complete without plenty of fresh flowers and natural foliage! This will help to add another level of serenity to your home, as well as add pops of colour throughout. Think carefully about what to plant in your garden so that you can enjoy cut flowers in your home throughout the different seasons. Having small potted trees in the home can also be particularly effective in a modern country home. 

Finish it off with personal touches

Adding family photos or heirlooms such as antique pieces to your home can give it a personal touch that turns it into more than just a house. Family photos bring back memories and remind you of the people you love; heirlooms are family keepsakes, signifying generations of family tradition and providing a unique look within a home. Whether they’re displayed on shelves or hung on walls, family photos and heirlooms create an inviting atmosphere by representing family values and heritage.

Image credit: Loloi